Make a List

I love lists. I have a poor memory so I make lots of lists to help myself get things done that I’d forget otherwise. One list I consult before I do laundry. It’s a list of items that don’t get washed very often and that I want to keep using until the next washing, such as kitchen potholders and the bathmat.

Another list is for things I’ve loaned to people. If I don’t write it down, I may never get it back! Of course, sometimes I forget I owned it to begin with, so it isn’t that much of a problem.

Similarly, I have a list called “Where I Put Stuff” that’s for items I use so rarely that it’s pretty unlikely I would remember where I stashed them. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect, safe spot for something and then completely forgetting where it is.

Lists are a great organizing tool. All the reference lists I’ve mentioned here are in my Palm Pilot memo section (where they won’t get lost).