What I’m Really Up To

I want to dig a little deeper. I often read and hear from people that productivity is just about doing a lot more, a lot faster. That it’s contributing to the out-of-control speediness of modern life. That what we really need is less of everything so that we can appreciate life, and so on.

I realize I need to be perfectly clear here that despite all my helpful and groovy how-to posts, I am certainly not advocating that you just do more stuff faster. What underlies all my work, here on the blog and with my clients, is guiding folks over the humps that are preventing them from doing what they actually want to do.

Here in my particular corner of the world, what I see is that people don’t get around to doing the things they really want to for reasons that have to do with time and stuff (i.e. “productivity” and “organization”). That’s my approach, my whatever-colored lenses; other approaches are equally valid.

What I’m really about is how you can have a life that makes you happy (your personal brand of happiness) and feel good about yourself (and how you are in the world). Questions? Ask away, in the comments section below. Comments are also very welcome.

Happy balloon photo by me.