Technology Made Easy

I’m not a technology maven. I used to be, back when computers only did about five things. And I was the family genius who could fix the color balance on the TV set. But everything got more complicated and I didn’t keep up. So I’m always happy when I can use technology without having to learn anything.

Jott is a fantastic service that allows me to send myself emails via my cellphone, and it doesn’t involve texting, which I have not been able to master. I just call a number (I’ve set it to speed dial because I use it so much) and speak my message and it magically appears as typed text in my email.

There are other applications for the service, but this one is incredibly useful for me since I routinely think of a dozen things I need to do while I’m driving and can’t write them down. If I don’t have it down in writing, I’ll forget it. Jott also has scads of links so you can use it to track expenses, post to Twitter, find products on Amazon and much more.

A recent New York Times article recommended Jott and three other great voice-activated services: GOOG 411, a free business phone directory; ChaCha, a web research service and Reqall, a task reminder service that sends reminders to your phone or email at the requested time. All these services do more than my short description indicates; check them out!

[Helpful reminder from ford’s photostream]