Give Your Belongings a Home

Time for a new book chapter. I’ve been posting them every Wednesday but yesterday, well, I forgot. So, herewith, Chapter 5, or buy the ebook here.

Simple Way #5

Assign Homes

It’s much easier to put things away when you know where they go. How do you know? You just decide. Base your decision on how much there is, whether you need it to be handy and what size and shape container makes sense. For example, paper can go in stacking trays, wall mounted slots, cute baskets, paperboard magazine holders; etc. Use what appeals to you and what is logical to you.

To improve their effectiveness, label your containers. You may think it’s obvious but your brain will recognize a labeled container much faster than an unlabelled one, which makes putting things away easier.

Right now:

If you don’t have containers yet, start by labeling your piles with Post-It Notes. Note: try to resist buying containers until you know what size you need.