What do you want MORE of?

Okay, money and time are the obvious choices. I want those too. So, if you had those, what would you use them to create more of? Time and money aren’t really worth anything in themselves, right? They’re a means to an end.

I want more clarity (my name suits me!). I want more joy, more consciousness, more awareness, more being in the present. Why? Are those things intrinsically valuable? Keep digging.

I want more meaning and connection and depth because they feed my soul and nurture my heart. I want more of those aha! moments because they expand my grasp and appreciation of being part of something bigger than me.

I answered this question as part of my work with Catherine Caine. I needed to discover what’s at the core of my work, so I can offer it to my clients more clearly. The cool part is that the things I came up with are the things my ideal clients want too! Of course, they do!

Anyone who’s been reading my blog knows that my approach to organizing is about asking questions and finding solutions that really work, regardless of whether the book says not to (any book! Yes, I read instruction manuals but don’t always do what they say.). We do the things that will increase flow, clarity and energy and if that happens to involve dealing with a pile of paper, that’s what we do.

So, tell me; what do you want MORE of? How are you going to get it, starting today?