Getting Organized Ebook on Sale Now

Last week I had a great plan to publish my book one chapter at a time every week for a year. And at some point offer it for sale, after I made more edits, polished it up, changed around some stuff, added new ideas, etc. When I told a friend about this brilliant plan she looked me in the eye and said, why don’t you just publish it NOW?

I took a deep breath and realized she was right. Not that I won’t make any edits (it’s virtually impossible for me not to), but giving myself permission to make edits constantly could mean that it will never be ready for sale. I don’t want to be one of those people who writes a book and then sits on it forever. So, herewith, the book is ready! This page will tell you more.

Oh, I still will publish chapters every week, but you can have immediate gratification by purchasing it right now.

Woman reading from cliff1066™’s photostream.