Donations bag for easy decluttering

You know that pile of clothes on a shelf in your closet that you’re going to give to the Goodwill? But it keeps staying on your shelf? It needs an easier, simpler way to get out of the house.

Here’s your tip: 

Keep a shopping bag in your closet, clearly labelled Goodwill or Donation. Every time you come across something you want to get rid of, drop it in the bag. When the bag is full, take it to the donation center. Voila.

I recommend keeping this bag in your clothes closet because that’s where you’re going to encounter items to donate. Plus, you will see it everyday and not forget about it.

Important point: 

Label the bag! Remember that bag in the garage you had to look in three times because you kept forgetting it was stuff for the Goodwill? Or the one in your closet that you took to the dry cleaners, and then once you were there you realized it was full of clothes you were going to get rid of? Or worse, you realized it after you paid to have them cleaned.

Labeling is ultra important! Do eet!