Online Organizing Tools

I’ve reviewed a few of these tools in the past, but today I came across a huge list of online resources, over a hundred, via Mashable. If you use your computer for to do lists and calendar, you may want to check some of them out. The list is a year and a half old now so some of these apps may not exist anymore.

One that caught my eye is Chore Wars. This is an online household chore board disguised as a monster-fighting video game. Each “player” selects an avatar (elf, dragon, horned demon, etc.). Mom, AKA the Dungeon Master, creates the chores and assigns them to her apprentices. Completed chores earn points toward prizes. Fighting monsters along the way is optional.

Another intriguing one is, a free service that lets you send emails to yourself in the future. I have often thought it would be helpful to send myself email reminders. Of course, I can put them in my datebook, but I find I look at email more often than my datebook; I use it as an organizing tool.

Turns out that many FM users write diary entries or time capsules. There are public ones you can view on the site. It’s always fun to read someone else’s diary, right?

Vacuuming from Sunrise Ottah’s photostream.