Power Napping for Productivity

I love reading articles about the benefits of napping and its increased acceptance as a productivity tool. It helps me feel less guilty when I take a nap (napping is not slacking!).

My mom is a champion napper. When I was in high school, I’d come home and tell her about my day, then she’d settle herself in the big living room armchair for a nap. She’d say, “Honey, wake me up in 15 minutes, would you?” Then she’d close her eyes and within a minute, her mouth would drop open and she’d be asleep.

The classic power nap is 20 minutes long, but naps from 10 seconds to two hours long all qualify and have different uses and outcomes. I’ve often been sitting at my desk and felt overcome by the desire to sleep, but don’t want to actually give in and lie down. But I close my eyes and drift off for a few minutes.

It doesn’t feel quite like sleeping because I manage to remain sitting in my chair, but it’s amazingly refreshing. According to the Globe article, the “mere onset of sleep” can reenergize you. It really works. I can get back to whatever I was working on with renewed vigor in less time than it would take me to make and drink a cup of coffee (also a valid method).

Napper at work courtesy of deadheaduk’s photostream.