Get My Organizing Book for Free

Get my book one chapter at a time for free! I’ve written the second draft of my book, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized. I could start on draft number three, but I want to get it out there where it can help people (that why I wrote it). This will be kind of a beta version of my book because I’ll be asking for your feedback as I go. 

The deal is that I’ll post a new chapter here on the blog every week, probably on Wednesday (I’m making this up as I go along). I will also offer a subscription program so you can sign up to get a new chapter every week via email (should be up by next week). After a year, you’ll have the whole thing!

I can’t guarantee that what you’ll have will be the same as the finished book because 1) I will use reader feedback to make it better as I go along and 2) I find it very hard not to rewrite things when I get a brainstorm to do so. Ideally, the final version will be even better.

The book is made up of 52 short chapters. Each chapter is about an organizing tip or technique, briefly introduced, with an action step you can take right now. It could be used as a year-long program to gradually create your perfect organizing system. It can also work if you open it at random when you just want to know one quick improvement you can make right now.

My style is more Heloise than Proust (i.e., short, not long). I like to address a specific problem with an immediate solution so that you can get back to whatever you were doing, and be doing it more easily. Without further ado, here’s chapter one.

Simple Way #1

Feeling overwhelmed by those piles
of paper everywhere? It can be a challenge to figure out how to tackle
them. My suggestion: start at the bottom of the pile. The stuff on the
bottom is older and by now most of it is irrelevant. Isn’t that handy?

It’s usually much easier to make a
decision about something that’s been hanging around for a long time.
Sometimes the decision gets made for you because you’ve missed a
deadline or an offer. Sometimes you’re just not interested anymore so
the energy has gone out of it. Just say goodbye and toss it.

Right now:

Go find a pile, pull out the
bottom piece of paper and see if you can get rid of it. If not, put it
where it belongs. If for some reason you can’t do that right now, at
least stick a Post-It on there telling you where to put it.