Donating is Green

Your local Goodwill store, never on the cutting edge of anything at all, has leapt into the spotlight with a campaign to increase donations, complete with Facebook and Twitter buttons. Wow!

They’ve got a logo that they want to be as ubiquitous as the recycle logo so that people are always reminded to donate. A nifty graphic calculator lets you enter in your donated items and see what services they provide, such as an hour of on-the-job training. You can see the direct link between your unwanted items and helping someone get a better job. Pretty nice. And inspiring.

Keeping usable stuff out of the landfill is what makes donating green. I know my clients are always happier to fill up a bag for Goodwill than they are to throw things in the trash. Here’s my tip: keep a shopping bag in your closet so every time you come across something donatable, you can toss it right in. As soon as the bag is full, take it to Goodwill! Your clutter could be someone else’s classic.

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