New Class: Eliminating Paper from your Life 101

When I taught this class a few months ago, it was a big hit! I’m bringing it back in June at a private studio in south Berkeley. Go here for details and tickets.

In the meantime, here’s a joke quiz I wrote about paper. See how you score!

Top Ten Ways NOT to deal with paper

How many of the above things do you do? Give yourself a point for each one. Be honest, now! If your score is high, there is help.


0:   Congratulations! Why not become a professional organizer?

1-3:    You’ve got too much paper, but it’s under control. For now.

4-6:   You’re organized enough to get out of the house in the morning and can get back in without pushing too many things out of the way.

6-8:   You are like the Red Queen, running constantly simply to stay in the same place.

8-10:   Paper rules your life and you might as well lie down and say uncle.