Brain Dump, Take Two

The other day I was talking with some of my biz peeps about my offer and it came out that the term “brain dump” was scaring some people off. It could get too personal and that was scary, or that I might think they were silly if they didn’t have enough to dump, or if it wasn’t big, important stuff. My description wasn’t specific enough so they weren’t sure what, if anything, would be expected of them.

For some, it seemed too broad and therefore overwhelming.

So, here’s what the brain dump, AKA mind decluttering, AKA mental clearing can be used for:

Those are all typical problems that people have day to day. Why would you need mind decluttering right now?

Mental clutter is stressful. When you’re stressed, you’re not doing your best work.

Clearing your head brings you clarity, focus and calm. You can see how things fit together and what you need to get rid of. A plan becomes clear so you can move forward with confidence. You’re re-energized to get things done because your plan makes sense and is do-able.

These free sessions are ending on Friday, so pick one up now. If you miss out, though, I’m cooking up a new offering; a shorter, more laser-focused version of this.