Organize your garage with Monkey Bars!

Well, these bars don’t come with any cute monkeys to entertain you, but they’re cleverly designed. I really like the way you can have two layers of items hanging parallel to the wall; very creative maximization of space.

I corresponded with Paige Norton of the Monkey Bars Company and she sent me some more info about them:

If you’re ready to rid yourself of the need for an off-site storage unit, or just ready to take back control of your garage, consider the unique Monkey Bars Garage Storage System. The Monkey Bars garage shelving system is the strongest, most efficient and most customizable storage system for organizing all your belongings in the space your garage has to offer.

This shelving system takes advantage of the wall space in your garage and stores your items in 1/3 of the space. Its design also allows for the separation of long-term and short-term storage, storing less frequently used items up on the shelf and hanging more frequently used items below from bars and hooks.

Each Monkey Bars shelf is made of industrial strength steel and powder-coated for superior strength, capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds in just a 4 foot area. Imagine how much you could store with just one or two shelves. You decide how many shelves you need.

What really makes Monkey Bars unique and sets them apart from other storage shelves is its patented bar and hook system. Below each shelf, triangular brackets support the shelf as well as bars. These bars create support for 11 different rubber-coated hooks from which you can hang yard tools, bikes, skis, ladders, and other items all below each shelf. The bars and hooks create layered storage, allowing you to maximize on the space below the shelf by hanging items in back and in front of the bar.

As your storage needs may change over time, these bars and hooks are capable of adjusting to those changes. The bars and hooks are easily moveable and the hooks can slide from side to side to open up room for more things.

Monkey Bars offers specific racks and accessories to hang a variety of items. This makes Monkey Bars one of the most customizable storage systems on the market. You decide what you need based on your various interests and storage needs. They offer bike racks, ski racks, yard tool racks, sports bags, bucket racks, saddle racks, kayak racks, golf bag racks and more. Their racks hold 3 times more than any other rack system available.

One of the newest features of the Monkey Bars is its ability to be installed inside their new cabinets. Store bikes, sports equipment, yard tools, and anything else you’d like in an efficient way and out of sight with these cabinets.

Organizing your garage can be a daunting project, but with the use of a strong and efficient system, it’s a task you’ll only need to tackle once.

Bio: Monkey Bars Central Coast/Bay Area is a garage storage and organization company serving the Central Coast and South Bay Area’s homeowners with solutions and tips to organize your garage.