Label Storage Containers with Pictures

Last week I went to Kangaroom Storage’s brick and mortar store (360 Langton Street, Suite 105, San Francisco) grand opening with my pal/colleague Victoria Roberts-Russell. We saw lots of clever products for the home and colorful, fun ones for kids.

I asked designer Patricia Richman what hot concepts the company is currently working on. She said one of her favorites is designing products that encourage pre-reading kids to organize their own stuff. Labeling with words is incredibly helpful to keep things orderly and labeling with pictures does the same trick for little kids.

At right is a mini two-section sorting hamper with large plastic-covered slots on the front to add picture labels. This one was set up for laundry. Colored items go in the right side and whites (there would be an uncolored-in picture here) on the left side. It could also be set up with pictures of the two kids who use it, or with photos of dolls on one side and cars and trucks on the other side. You get the picture.

It’s never too early to get everyone in the family pitching in to keep the home organized, so I love this idea.