Shoe Box Storage Revisited

The quest for the perfect storage container is never ending. Sometimes, you just want something new, something different to perk up your space. Of course, if the thing does more than one job, so much the better!

The Hotel Box is about the size of a shoe box and looks like a couple of milk cartons cobbled together. It comes in patterns or solids and you can add a plastic window to the opening to make it into a display box (or just keep your stuff from getting dusty). They’re on sale at

At $25 per box, it had better be superior to those old shoe boxes you’re currently using, and it is. Each one can hold 11 pounds. They can not only be stacked for storage but are strong enough to use as tables.

Although I think these items are a little too pricy, I think anything that makes putting stuff away fun, and makes the put-away stuff look cute, is a good idea.