Top Ten Reasons that Getting Organized Brings Happiness

At this time of year, there’s a lot of talk about happiness. The holidays can be stressful so there are plenty of magazine articles about how to be happier in spite of them. 

Studies have shown that getting organized is one of the top ten or even top five of popular new year’s resolutions. If you don’t like making resolutions because they’re too discouraging, check out my post on creating realistic ones. And now, here’s why you should make that resolution:

  1. It makes your life easier
  2. It lifts stress and worry
  3. You’ve accomplished a goal that’s been on your list for years
  4. It’s positive self care that you deserve
  5. It smoothes out family relations
  6. You feel proud to invite people into your home or office
  7. You can help others more easily because you can find that item you want to give them 
  8. It creates a pleasing and serene physical space 
  9. Your mind is decluttered so you can think about the important things in your life
  10. Your pace of life isn’t so hectic, so you actually have “free time” 

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Zen living room from Wonderlane’s photostream