Neat underbed storage

If you don’t have a lot of storage space, you want to maximize it by using every nook and cranny. Under the bed there’s a nice hunk of unused real estate, although strangely shaped. You can get shallow boxes and bags that fit underneath, some of which roll out on wheels.

The drawbacks to underbed storage are that you can’t really see what’s under there till you pull it out, and the containers attract dust bunnies like there’s no tomorrow. Plus, the aforementioned oddly shaped space.

In perusing the Bo Concepts catalog I found a nifty solution; a raisable bed with storage underneath. Under the queen bed, it looks like there’s a good 15 inches of depth, so you can put boxes and suitcases there. Since the storage section is an enclosed space, you can store pillows and linens and they won’t get dusty. You can easily see and access everything in there without lying on the floor and reaching your arm in. Nice!