Be Productive in Your Own Time

Do you live your life by the clock so you can squeeze everything in? Do you anxiously consult your watch
while working toward a deadline? Most of us have to live by a schedule part of the time, whether it’s work, school or events. But when you don’t, try leaving the watch on the bureau and forgetting about its constant ticking.

Susan Sabo proposes having a “watch out” day or evening on her Productivity Blog. Remember what it’s like to do something because you’re prompted from within. This is a way to tune into your internal clock. Without the pressure of time, you may find that you’re more productive. Ideas may come more easily.

You might also find yourself lollygagging and daydreaming and feeling unproductive. However, your creativity and thus, your productivity, also needs that kind of time, or timelessness, to really shine.

Dawn in Norway photographed by Maikun.