Three DIY Organizing Solutions

For today’s post, I decided to wander around the Instructables website and see what clever ideas people had for simple household organizing problems. This site always has inspired creations and hacks to improve your daily life. Here are three fun ones I found:

Plastic Bag Dispenser
This amusing Instructable tells how to make a dispenser out of a sweatshirt sleeve. It hangs on a doorknob with a nylon string that’s pinned on. You could probably make the end result look nicer by sewing the string on, but this method is dead simple. Bags are stuffed into the top and then pulled out from the narrower, cuffed end of the sleeve. I suggest using a shirt that you still like even though you’re sacrificing it because you’ll be looking at that sleeve a lot.

Refrigerator Pen Holder
A round Altoids can with holes punched in the side is attached to the fridge via magnets glued inside. I would consider using one of those cute French fruit drop tins instead. 

Credit Card Cable Organizer
This ultra simple idea uses the stiffness of a credit card to hold cables in place. Just punch holes in it, slit them to the edge, staple the card unobtrusively under your desk and pop the cords in.