Organize with Teacups

I love Martha Stewart Living. It’s a beautiful magazine that’s a joy just to look at, even if I never do any of the crafts or cook any recipes. She also publishes organizing tips, most of which involve lots of labor and/or crafting. Being Martha, she’s not into quick and dirty solutions.

Her recent “Organizing Tip of the Day,” however, is a simple one, provided you already have the materials (this tip originated in the sadly departed Blueprint). The idea is to fill a shallow drawer with teacups and saucers that can be used to store jewelry. Lots of small containers makes for less tangling.

I’ve had many clients who’ve got lovely china, inherited or collected, that stays stashed away in cupboards most of its life. This is a charming way to use and see your gorgeous cups and saucers every day. Unless, of course, you’ve got lots of baby ducks to raise…