Make Space in Your Garage

Rubbermaid garage goodness

Thinking of spending the Fourth organizing your garage? Great!

These days, it’s common for people to use their garages as storage rooms rather than parking the car in there. But, think about it. What’s worth more, your car or the boxes of magazines you’re going to take to your dentist’s office?

My favorite garage organizing technique is to keep like things together. Here are some typical categories: workshop and tools, sporting goods, Costco bulk purchases, laundry center, camping gear, gardening supplies and holiday decorations.

Give each category its own set of shelves, depending on how much you have. Put things like holiday decor farthest from the door, and overstock food items closest to the door.

If you use opaque containers, label them! And put them on the shelf with the label side facing out. Yes, I have been in garages where the labels were dutifully applied but were useless because they were not visible.

What about all that miscellaneous stuff you’ve been stashing in there? Again, ask yourself, is the old microwave I’m saving so Kelly can take it to college in three years worth more than my car, or less?

Cars really do last longer when they’re garaged. If you make space to park it inside and do that regularly, it will prevent you from collecting more of that stuff.