Visualize Your Home Office into Reality

Last week I made a presentation to a group that included a visualization at the beginning. I wanted to talk to this group of nascent entrepreneurs about their home offices.

For me, one of the best things about having my own business is my home office. It’s not fancy, but it’s mine! This visualization is about on how your office should feel, rather than how it should look. The thing to focus on is visualizing whatever makes you feel joyful and centered.

Start by imagining it’s tomorrow morning. You’ve awakened naturally after a good night’s sleep. There’s no need for an alarm clock because you’re in charge of when you get to your office. You feel alert and relaxed. You look out the window, starting to feel what kind of day you’ll create for yourself. Maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s sunny. Whatever the weather, it’s a brand new day for you to create wonderful things with your business.

You arrive at your office feeling eager to work. Your office may be a separate room, or a desk in the living room or a laptop computer on the kitchen table. Wherever it is, you arrive there knowing that you are in your office.

You have arranged it to suit yourself. You have a comfy chair, a cup of your favorite morning beverage, a window to look out of, whatever makes your office a pleasant place to be. You might have a cat in your lap, or your dog lying next to your chair.

Perhaps there are other people there whose presence supports you in your work. You may be wearing your favorite sweater and some nice, warm socks. You may have some music playing that inspires and motivates you. You have all the materials and supplies you need close at hand.

Take a few moments now to see your office in your mind. If you don’t have one yet, imagine one that you can create when you get home. If you do have one, imagine yourself there now and see if there’s anything else you want to add to make it an even nicer place to spend time. If you have a home office space that you don’t really like, this is the time to improve it. Don’t think about what you dislike about it. Stop reading for a minute or so and close your eyes to do this.

You’ve set your own office hours. Maybe it’s afternoon or evening instead of morning, if that suits your schedule better. Whenever it is, now it’s time for you to focus on your business. You’ve arranged to be free of distractions during your office time so that you can use all your energies toward creating your business. There will be plenty of time later to handle non-business tasks. You set aside this time because your business is important to you.

You know how much it matters to work in a pleasing and comfortable environment. The happiness you feel being in a place that supports you translates into more creativity, more joyful interaction with your clients or customers and greater ease in producing your work.

Now imagine doing whatever tasks your business needs doing. If you make a phone call, imagine that the person you are calling is happy to hear from you and that the conversation is productive for both of you. If you’re doing billing, feel proud and satisfied with the work you’ve done for that money. If you’re paying bills, reflect on how successful your business is and how much each vendor helps it be successful. If you’re starting a task that makes you feel unsure of yourself and your abilities, turn your thoughts to the great service or product you’re providing and know that your efforts are aligned with the highest good for all. Stop reading for a minute or so and close your eyes to do this.

Next you get to take a break! Reward yourself for the good work you’ve done. Choose something that feels like a treat to you. Maybe you want to call a friend on the phone. Maybe you want to take a walk. Maybe you want to plan something fun for the weekend.

Take a moment to remember the good feelings you have about the office you visualized. Remember the positive attitude you felt while doing your work. Any time in the future you can recall those feelings and give yourself a lift. Stop reading for a few moments and close your eyes to do this.

Now we’ll come back to the chair you’re sitting in, today. Bring yourself gently back to the present. When you’re ready, open your eyes. Stretch a bit if you want.

How did that go for you? Did you hook into a good feeling that you can bring back whenever you want? Remember to jot down any great ideas you got about arranging your home office!