The Seven Deadly Organizing Sins: Greed

Now we’re up to Deadly Sin number 3, greed, which is also known as avarice or covetousness (according to Wikipedia) and even hoarding. Previous entries were about lust and gluttony.

I think gluttony is similar, but greed has an element of wanting to own something simply to have it; not to enjoy it or even use it. This means all that stuff in the storage unit that hasn’t been looked at or thought about in years. It means the boxes in the garage full of things that might come in handy someday. It also refers to those two extra blenders in the back of the cabinet that still kind of work.

Holding onto things that do not delight you or make your life easier with their utility is greedy. You’re not honoring yourself, or your own values, when all your energy is concentrated on acquiring and hoarding.

Step back and see what really matters in your life. Think about how contented you can be when you’re traveling and away from all those anchors, those dead weights (also, think about setting them free for someone else to appreciate them!). See what you can free yourself from and see what other freedoms come from that.

To avoid sin: Stop comparing what you have to what others have, which is a version of comparing yourself to others. I’m not advocating frugality, but just be clear that the things you allow into your life are ones that have a place there and won’t just molder away in a closet.

Crowded storage unit from jarrodlombardo’s photostream.