Organizing My Organizing Blog

The main benefit to being organized is that it makes your life easier. Life is easier when you know where your stuff is and you can get to it quickly. The less stuff, the easier to organize it. I try to keep my blog layout organized and uncluttered, although everyday it seems like there’s some new cool link or tool or information I can offer my readers. 

I went to a meeting about blogging, organized by my lovely Ladies Who Launch group, and was reminded that clarity and ease of use are important elements of a blog. That means explaining things that might not be obvious to everyone.

First, if you want to leave a comment, you don’t need to register or join my site. Click on the word “Comments” below the post and type your comment into the box. You just need to add your name and email address and then type in some characters to prove you’re a real person and not a robot. I would love to hear from you!

Second, you can have my blog posts sent to you via email or via a reader. Those links are at the top of the right column. The first option is dead simple: just fill in your email address and then respond to the confirmation email (again, to prove you’re not a robot).

You can use a reader to collect blog posts from all the blogs you read in one place. I use Google Reader. You have to set up an account, but it’s free and very easy to do. Then go to a blog you like to read and look for the orange or blue subscribe button, like the one on the right.

Click on it, then find your reader on the next screen and click on it. For Google, click on Add to Reader. And you’re done. No technical knowledge necessary. Bookmark your reader page in your browser and go there to read your own “magazine” of personally chosen blogs.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci