Build Your Own Organizing System

I don’t follow a particular organizing method or recommend a specific system. My clients all have their own unique needs, ways of thinking and taste. The challenge is to come up with something that works with the least amount of fuss and bother.

My friend and fellow entrepreneur, Erin Saul, has developed her system by trial and error. The visual aspect is important to her, as is being able to see a whole month at a glance. It’s not, as she says, “elegant,” but it does the job and she likes it. I asked her to share it with my blog readers, so here’s her description:

When I quit the day job to run two businesses from home, it took me a while to get organized in a new way. I finally came up with a weekly schedule that would apply some kind of — if not routine, then maybe STRUCTURE to my week. But with the way my mind works, it was difficult to find some existing method of keeping me on track. I tried a couple versions of some productivity software, but they didn’t really work. I had to make it myself.

It’s rudimentary, but it made sense to me. And then I found that it didn’t work… but it sure was a good idea at the time!

Instead, now…  I’ll admit it: I keep three calendars:

1)  The TO-GO PLANNER, which is a dual week-at-a-glance/month-at-a-glance color-coded piece of brilliance I found at The Container Store, and which I take EVERYWHERE with me. The MONTHLY part is what I use when booking events with clients and hang-time with friends. The WEEKLY pages have a timeline/appointment section and also a color-coded section which corresponds nicely to my ‘Business 1’, ‘Business 2’, and ‘Personal’. I can make more granular notes of what to do when, and see how my day is weighted. This weekly part informs my DAILY to-do list…

2)  I make a separate DAILY to-do list on a 3×5 index card, which fits in my pocket, and which I can access easily and frequently throughout the day to check on my progress, and add more things that need doing, as I think of them. Part of that to-do list is the MAKING of it, which is when I consult the WEEKLY color-coded part of the TO-GO PLANNER I carry around with me. That’s when I try to make sure everything matches.

3)  The BIG WALL CALENDAR is mostly for fun, but keeps my head in the game when I’m in my home office, planning my days and weeks and months. I’m a visual learner/rememberer… so the color-coded stickies are for visual reference: Do I have enough pink ones to achieve my goals? Do I have everything done far enough in advance of the yellow events? Did I send birthday cards? And, maybe most importantly, this is where I can see days that have NO events, where I can spend the day on those pesky tasks it takes all day to do (like taxes!).

I realize that this all seems like the OPPOSITE of a simple, elegant system… but it works for me. Digital calendars and PDA solutions don’t help me because I can’t get a good VIEW of a day, week, or month the way my mind needs to see it. When my head starts swimming with random, disorganized things-to-do… that’s when they slip through the cracks, and when I start getting cranky. I’ve learned these things about myself… and also that I’m one of those bizarro organize-y people who just love calendars. This way, I get to use three! The key is to find something that works for you and to be diligent about it. I also found that I love routine. When I get to start my morning making my daily to-do list with some hot tea, that grounds me. Then I’m off and running toward a productive day!

Erin’s company, Namaste Mofo™, designs and sells T-shirts with “irreverently reverent yoga slogans” on them. The company motto is that all human beings are complex and can honestly embrace holistic ideals and still be totally punk rock. She rocks!