Store your jewelry with the Gem Genie

Today’s post is about the Gem Genie, a jewelry organizer created by local gal Brody McHugh, who lives in Mill Valley.

Brody’s inspiration was her own jewelry drawer. Over time, she’d collected stacks of tiny boxes, larger boxes, zippered bags, bags with little snaps, etc.

Her jewelry took up a lot of space in an awkward configuration. All the containers were opaque so she often hunted for particular pieces, or forgot about them entirely.

The small containers made it easier to pack pieces for travel, but they were impractical and irritating in many ways. Fine chain necklaces were protected in their boxes, but there was still no way to keep them from devolving into a tangled ball of gold that she didn’t have the time or energy to deal with.

First she experimented with that old standby, the ziplock bag. To keep necklaces untangled, she used a separate ziplock for each item. Although the bags took up less room than the boxes, they were still adding up. And they weren’t very nice to look at.

Next, she played around with lightweight, sheer fabric that she made into bags. They were more appealing visually and didn’t add bulk. A grommet came next, as a way to hang the bags and attach them together on a ring.

She also created a card insert so the necklaces would hang inside the bags and be easy to remove and replace.

Gem Genie provides a space saving way to organize jewelry so you can see and enjoy what you have. It works well for home storage and the system makes it simple to select jewelry for travel and pack it safely into the fabric envelope that comes with the set.

Brody is currently working on a genie for makeup, another boon for the ladies, especially ones who travel or are just plain busy. Whether in a hotel room or your own bathroom, the makeup genie bag system makes your makeup viewable and easily accessible.

I asked Brody for her favorite organizing tip and, you guessed it, it involves bags! Her work requires her to carry a mobile office around. It’s important for her to be able to find and access her supplies quickly, so she keeps them in transparent bags, sometimes nested inside each other. Great tip!