Vacation Thinking

I just got back from vacation.  I stayed with a friend part of the time but mostly I lived out of my rental car. I had the right clothes, plenty to drink (I was in the desert), great music to keep me company and money for whatever needs came up (such as a new camera battery. Dang!). I felt free and ready for anything, even though I hardly had any things.

Even if you have lots of clutter at home or are just “well supplied,” you’ve probably had that experience. You don’t even miss what’s on your desk, not to mention what’s at the back of the closet, right? I know, vacation isn’t real life. But what if it were?

“Vacation thinking” is being more in the present (because you only have a week). It’s carrying just enough stuff with you to meet your needs, but no more (because you’re busy having fun and not worrying about stuff). It’s about enjoying what you went there for (because you can’t do the things that are happening somewhere else at some other time).

I’m not saying start living out of a suitcase. Just try putting less energy into shuffling stuff around and making lists and worrying about time and more energy into now. The more you do this streamlining, the better you’ll get at identifying what you do need to get by and what’s really meaningful to you. Bon voyage!