How to get organized for everyday disasters

When disaster strikes, being prepared is essential. That means knowing how to get organized to recover. It means knowing where that solar powered radio is is critical. Having a food stash means not worrying about scavenging. Creating a plan for your family to keep them safe and in communication is comforting.

Now, what if you had such a set up for your everyday life? How to get organized so you can recover fast?

I live in earthquake country. You can buy deluxe earthquake preparedness kits that include food, water, a tent and a snap-on toilet seat. I’ve heard of people digging bunkers on their property and outfitting them with months of survival supplies. At the very least, people usually have a few jugs of water, some canned goods and a flashlight.

Our days are full of disasters, small and large, and how we deal with them has a lot to do with our daily quality of life. When we can’t find our keys or watch and have to leave the house ten minutes ago, we get pretty stressed out.

Your earthquake kit is carefully stored in a place that you’ll be most likely to reach it in an emergency. Why not do the same for your keys? If every morning is a chaotic rush, that qualifies as a disaster for which you can easily prepare.

Create your own daily preparedness kit. What are your particular earthquakes? Losing keys? Phone? Getting lost in email? Shuffling through piles looking for things?

If you have all of the preceding, don’t worry. You can prepare for them one by one. Keep it to the essentials, remember. In a disaster, you’re happy to have a tent to live in.

What’s one small thing you can do today to prevent a disaster tomorrow? Tell me in the comments!