Giving Away Clutter

My friend Addie is a connoisseur. She’s also very picky and demanding and on a constant quest for the perfect __________ (fill in the blank). Luckily for her friends, she culls her possessions regularly to get rid of the ones that just aren’t up to snuff (we wear the same size! Wheeee!)

A few times a year, her friends eagerly paw over the bags of goodies she’s brought. She’s happy to see them appreciated and we’re happy to get them. Whatever remains unloved gets taken to the thrift store drop-off.

This is a terrific way to weed out your closet. Two caveats: don’t make it an exchange where others also bring things. If you do that, you’re in the mindset of getting as well as giving. When it’s just you, you’re only thinking about giving stuff away (you can certainly take turns being the giver).

Second, don’t take the leftovers home! You got them out of the house; that’s the hard part. Drive straight to the Goodwill, or leave the bags in your car till you can get there. To prepare for next time, keep a shopping bag in your closet so you can toss things in there the moment you decide you no longer want them.

Have you tried this? Got other ideas to share? Leave a comment below!

Note: I grew up in Mexico City and used to shop at the Liverpool Department Store. Haven’t thought about it in ages!