Myths About Being Organized

When I taught organizing skills at adult school, I devised this matrix to bust some myths about organized people. I did it because I realized that many students, although they’d paid money and were attending the class, had some negative ideas about what being organized means.

I also knew that my students weren’t going to get very far if they thought that the place they were going wasn’t any fun! Or that they couldn’t be themselves; they’d have to become like “those people.”

You can make any task in life into drudgery or into a satisfying and pleasing activity. I can guarantee you that if you think organizing is drudgery, you won’t do it.

What are organized people like?

Myth: Organized People…

Are perfect
Are neat
Like things out of sight
Are obsessive
Are slaves to routine
Are rigid
Memorize everything

Reality: Organized People…

Have systems that work
Know where things are and know their things all have homes
Have things in the most logical place
Perform regular, but minimum, maintenance
Know how to get the systems back up and running when the unexpected happens
Build contingency time into their schedules
Write things down in a place they can easily find them again