Podcast 135: Organizing a creative, busy life with family


You can see the video interview on YouTube here.

In this episode I talk to my friend Adam Davis who’s a musician, artist, husband and dad who teaches at a local gym and also gives guitar lessons. How does he juggle all that? We talk about making notes for lyrics on his iPhone, making time for art, using positive self talk to control destructive brain weasels and dealing with constant laundry.

This is the first podcast in a series where I interview people I know. Regular folks instead of “experts.” Not that there’s anything wrong with expert advice! But I want to explore the ways people have successfully invented their own time management, uncluttering and focusing techniques based on their specific needs.

I often say that the cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. Methods you might read about in a book or see online might be great for some people but usually need to be tweaked to really work for you. My interviewees talk about their specific needs and how they’ve created their own solutions.