Remind me

Although I use an electronic calendar, I love to write by hand. It’s been proven that moving your pen across a page induces “motor memory.”

That means that simply writing something down can help you remember it, even if you don’t look at your notes again.


Even I need reminders. Actually, I especially do. In some ways, I feel blessed that I seem to have inherited a lack of short term memory from both my parents. Because of that, I have always been eager to use tools to help me remember things.

My dad was a reporter. He carried a little notebook, spiral bound on top, in his breast pocket all the time. Often I’d see him with a faraway look in his eye, then he’d pull out the book and jot something down. He was the one who told me you should always write important things down.

Case in point: somehow my calendar reminder to do my newsletter lost its repeat function. This repeat function is the single best reason to use an electronic calendar, in my view. Write an appointment once and have it repeat forever.

I did have a niggling feeling that it was time to write last Thursday, but since I didn’t see it on my calendar, I ignored it. (I look at my calendar multiple times a day. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t do anything at all.)

So, the newsletter was a week late.

But it gave me a topic to write about, one that comes up with my clients regularly. I understand that

not being able to remember things can make you feel old,Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule like you’re sliding down that inevitable path to senility.

What’s better, though? Using a tool that allows you to get places on time and call people you promised you would call? Or upsetting and annoying others because you stubbornly resist doing that? And that’s in your personal life. What about losing clients or alienating potential clients? Tools are to make life easier.