Nap to Recharge

A year ago I wrote about the wonderful benefits of power napping. Now, at the Equinox gym in New York, you can take a yoga class that ends with one.

Years ago, when I went regularly to yoga classes, I was surprised that many teachers didn’t close their classes with the corpse pose. I learned it as the perfect way to integrate all the benefits of the preceding poses. I think fitness-style yoga teachers and their students avoid poses that don’t obviously work the body. Why spend five minutes just lying there when you could be toning your butt a little more?

By the same token, napping still feels like goofing off to most people or an unnecessary luxury to the overworked. But the Equinox class description makes clear that napping “reverses information overload” and puts you in a better state to get back to the office than a lunchtime run does.

It can be challenging to nap at the office, but even a micro nap can help. For early morning college classes, I perfected a technique of resting my chin on one fist and bracing my elbow against the wall so I wouldn’t fall off my chair while I napped. Get creative!

Park bench napping from das911s’ photostream.