The Seven Deadly Organizing Sins: Sloth

Here’s the next installment in my sin series, following lust, gluttony and greed. I am a proponent (and a practitioner) of the lazy school of organizing. Some say that anything worth doing is worth doing well, but some tasks really just need to be dispatched as expediently as possible. Necessary evils such as making the bed should be as easy as pulling up the comforter and smoothing it out.

But there’s a limit to the efficacy of laziness. When you commit the sin of sloth, you’ve stopped being clever and effective. I wrote a post about shoe organizing based on a complaint I heard. A friend’s shoes were being ruined because she threw them in a heap on the closet floor where they scratched and damaged each other.

In Latin, the sin of sloth is acedia, which translates to carelessness. Now, possessions are just things, but you might as well take care of them unless you want to throw your money away. Mistreating your stuff is simply wasteful.

To avoid sin:
Find the balance between maintaining your things and your surroundings in good condition, yet spending the smallest amount of time and effort on those tasks. Honor the possessions you bring into your life; or pass them on to others who will.

Lazy feets from That Guy Who’s Going Places’s photostream.