• Podcast 131: How to avoid multitasking

    This is podcast 131: how to avoid multitasking. By now you’ve heard, if not from me, then from many others, that multitasking is a bad idea. That’s true. It’s not effective. It makes your work take longer, you’ll make more mistakes and it increases your chances of not finishing the main thing you need to […]

  • Podcast 020: Back to school paper management

    In this episode, I’ll talk about how to handle that blizzard of paper your kids bring home from school everyday. Here are some highlights: Where should I keep school papers? How do I deal with this huge quantity of art my kids bring home? What’s the important stuff to keep? Subscribe:  iTunes  ⋅  Stitcher  ⋅ […]

  • Podcast 006: Set Information Free

    In this episode, I’ll talk about how to the age of information is overloading us and what to do about it. Here are some highlights: What’s the main reason not to stockpile information? How to stay up to date with current information What’s a quick way to declutter information? Subscribe:  iTunes  ⋅  Stitcher  ⋅  Soundcloud ⋅ […]

  • Voicemail, Improved

    Two big reasons I love email: I can send a quick reply or request or, more likely, a whole slew of them. Not that I have anything against conversations, but sometimes I really need to get through a list of to do’s and email is the quickest way to dispatch them. I can send email […]

  • Green Decluttering

    A common concern I hear from people when they’re decluttering is that they don’t want their stuff just to go to the landfill. They don’t want to be responsible for creating more trash, or they feel that their stuff could be useful to someone. They want to be green! Here are some options: Sell your […]

  • Declutter the Digital

    Rule of thumb: it’s easier to organize things when there are fewer of them. How often do you look through a folder or collection of digital photographs and find only a handful that you want to show to anyone? The rest are too dark, out of focus, more versions of the same thing, make you […]

  • Embrace your personal organizing style

    “I can’t be organized.” “I never learned about organizing.” “My mom was a packrat and so am I.” “My father was super neat and always gave me a hard time about my mess.” “My grandparents lived through the Depression so they keep everything.” Have you said any of those things? If so, here’s the truth: […]

  • Remind me

    Although I use an electronic calendar, I love to write by hand. It’s been proven that moving your pen across a page induces “motor memory.” That means that simply writing something down can help you remember it, even if you don’t look at your notes again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Even I need reminders. Actually, I especially do. In […]

  • Get Organized with these 52 Simple Ways

    This ebook will help you get organized. What exactly will you get out of it? Lots of creative, helpful and immediately useful tips, including: You’ll get more time. Time to spend the way you want to You’ll be in control of your environment Your life will be simpler You’ll save money. No more replacing lost […]

  • Podcast 135: Organizing a creative, busy life with family

      You can see the video interview on YouTube here. In this episode I talk to my friend Adam Davis who’s a musician, artist, husband and dad who teaches at a local gym and also gives guitar lessons. How does he juggle all that? We talk about making notes for lyrics on his iPhone, making […]