• Trade In Old Gifts for New Ones

    If you’ve got some “gently used” electronic devices that you’d like to trade up for, Best Buy has a trade-in program. This could be a great, low-cost way to unload that phone or PDA you never really used and get something you really want. It’s also a terrific way to do some cheap Christmas shopping […]

  • Announcing the “Make Time Now” Contest!

    Could you use a little more time in your life? Do you find yourselfwondering where the day went? If so, read on. You could be a lucky winner! What you’ll win: An hour long, one-on-one Make Time Now session with me, Claire Tompkins, the Clutter Coach. In this session, I’ll determine your three biggest time […]

  • The hidden side of getting organized

    How does it feel to be disorganized? Not so good, right? I’ve heard people say embarrassed, overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious and desperate. Here’s the thing. It can be really hard to make a change when you’re in the grip of such negative emotions. If you act from those emotions, every decision will be agony and you’ll […]

  • Password Hints

    I have 170 passwords in my Palm. Some are written in directly, the ones I use for sites where I don’t care about security, like reading the New York Times online. Others I use so often I have them in my head. But there too are many secure passwords for me to remember and those […]