• Podcast 133: How to create good habits

     This is podcast 133 and it’s about how to create good habits. I was inspired by reading a review of a new book called Good Habits, Bad Habits, by psychologist Wendy Wood. The author says what I already knew and have podcasted about before; that willpower has little to do with forming good habits, […]

  • Reduce Gift Clutter

    It’s book chapter Wednesday (um, Thursday). Here you go! Like it? You can buy the ebook here. Simple Way #8 Reduce Gift Clutter Request non-cluttering gifts such gourmet food, show tickets, donations in your name, wine, flowers, etc. It may seem awkward at first to tell friends and family about your new policy; after all, […]

  • Packing List for Holiday Travel

    Holiday travel season is coming up! If you’re going somewhere, use a packing list. It will ease your travel considerably. I use checklists a lot, all kinds of them. They’re very helpful for making sure nothing falls through the cracks, and I get the satisfaction of checking off items as I do them. I put […]

  • Myths About Being Organized

    When I taught organizing skills at adult school, I devised this matrix to bust some myths about organized people. I did it because I realized that many students, although they’d paid money and were attending the class, had some negative ideas about what being organized means. I also knew that my students weren’t going to […]

  • Tips for To-Do Lists

    I’m giving a talk tonight in San Francisco about optimizing your to-do list. There’s still time to sign up here: Biznik meeting. I’ll summarize my talk here, in case you can’t make it. First, there are a bunch of reasons to make daily to-do lists if you don’t already. They help you focus in on […]

  • Podcast 016: One in box to rule them all

    In this episode, I’ll talk about how anyone who has paper in their life needs an inbox. Here are some highlights: Do I have to use an ugly office inbox? What do I put in there? How long can I leave paper in there? This podcast is based on my book, 52 Simple Ways to Get […]

  • My new organizing guide is here!

    Here’s the press release. Oakland, CA. On May 11, 2015, Claire Tompkins, the Clutter Coach, released her new book, Five Minutes to a Relaxing Bedroom, on Amazon. Compact and to the point, this book is designed to be read quickly and acted upon immediately, like an instruction manual. No one has any time anymore and […]

  • Giving Away Clutter

    My friend Addie is a connoisseur. She’s also very picky and demanding and on a constant quest for the perfect __________ (fill in the blank). Luckily for her friends, she culls her possessions regularly to get rid of the ones that just aren’t up to snuff (we wear the same size! Wheeee!) A few times […]

  • The Smallest Step

    I’ve posted before about the difference between goals and tasks. It’s similar to the difference between projects and to do’s. Goals and projects are not

  • Turn Clutter into Decor

    The fastest way to spruce things up a little when guests are coming isn’t to shove all the clutter into a drawer, but to leave it out and disguise it as decor. I have used Ryan Korban’s trick of sliding a handful of small clutter into a decorative dish before, but never thought of recommending […]