• How to get organized for everyday disasters

    How to get organized for everyday disasters. Our days are full of disasters, small and large, and how we deal with them has a lot to do with our daily quality of life.

  • Podcast 065: The junk drawer

    I know you have one. Everyone has a junk drawer. It’s okay to confess because, drum roll please, it’s perfectly okay to have one! Subscribe:  iTunes  ⋅  Stitcher  ⋅  Soundcloud ⋅  YouTube  ⋅  Google Play This podcast is based on my book, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized, available on my website. Each week I go into […]

  • Podcast 032: End of the year wrap up

    In this episode, I’ll talk about some productive tasks you can fit in this week while things are a little dead in anticipation of Thanksgiving. Here are some highlights: I can’t focus on anything important this week. But I can do that some other time! Is this really worth my time? Subscribe:  iTunes  ⋅  Stitcher  ⋅ […]

  • Get a Deadline

    At a presentation I did the other day, one of the participants came up with a great way to manage her time better: get a deadline. Someone had asked her for information and she wasn’t willing to take time from her own work to give it right away. However, she didn’t want to leave the […]

  • Vacation Thinking

    I just got back from vacation.  I stayed with a friend part of the time but mostly I lived out of my rental car. I had the right clothes, plenty to drink (I was in the desert), great music to keep me company and money for whatever needs came up (such as a new camera […]

  • A Use for All Those Empty Jars

    Do you hate throwing away perfectly good glass jars? Here’s a fun way to put them to use until you need them for something more practical; stick photos inside for instant, free-standing picture frames. Since the photos are held in place by pressure against the glass only, it’s easy to change them out whenever you […]

  • Store your jewelry with the Gem Genie

    Today’s post is about the Gem Genie, a jewelry organizer created by local gal Brody McHugh, who lives in Mill Valley. Brody’s inspiration was her own jewelry drawer. Over time, she’d collected stacks of tiny boxes, larger boxes, zippered bags, bags with little snaps, etc. Her jewelry took up a lot of space in an […]

  • Multitasking vs. Creativity

    Here’s another, unsung reason that multitasking is not so great: it stifles creativity. I’ve been reading Marc Lesser’s book, Less: Accomplishing More by Doing Less. He focuses a lot on what “doing” is. Much “doing” is what he calls busyness. It’s extra effort we put in because we feel it’s required, or we’re just not […]

  • Productivity App

    A software engineer reached out to me last week to let me know about an app she and her partner developed to increase their own productivity as they worked on their start up. It’s called 52 Wins. There’s a companion blog that will record the successes of the app users as they build a skill, try […]

  • The Sublime Thrill of an Empty Box

    It’s said people are motivated by two things: seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Of course, we also want to make a difference in the world, be compassionate